StegX Journey to Web Summit Rio 2024

StegX, the One-Stop-Shop ecosystem for institutional real estate investments, joined a delegation of 13 #German#startups led by Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action to represent #Germany at this year's Web Summit Rio alongside German officials and other key representatives at one of the world's top tech events from April 15th to April 18th, 2024. With numerous opportunities to expand our network at a variety of side-events, we had the chance to truly immerse ourselves in the local digital assets community and forge new connections.

One of the most discussed topics was #DREX, the Brazilian central bank's own digital currency (#CBDC) scheduled for launch in 2024. As a digital currency, it will leverage distributed ledger technology (#DLT) to settle wholesale interbank transactions, while retail access will be facilitated through tokenized bank deposits. With the project primarily aimed at enhancing access to financial services in the country, this initiative represents just one potential driver of future advances in the local digital assets space. It's not only Brazil that is witnessing rapid market developments; other countries in South America are also experiencing significant progress. We're still processing all the fascinating discussions and new connections we've made, and above all, we're grateful for this incredible experience.  

Thanks to the great preparation and organization, we had eventful days with the delegation during which we were, among other things, able to engage with the national development bank to learn about their funding programs for innovation and digitalization.

Additionally, we also participated in some exciting panels at the summit and in the whole city of #Rio over all three days and connecting with important stakeholders in the Brazilian start-up ecosystem.

But that's far from all. During our time at the summit, we learned a lot about the Brazilian economic landscape, the political climate, and the local ecosystem from a variety of market participants. We noticed significant differences in the digital assets space between the European market and Brazil, as both markets approach the topic in completely different ways due to structural disparities.This is why we were most excited about the change in perspectives that we were able to obtain, and we truly felt the immense potential of the Brazilian market. Overall, we were highly impressed by the pace at which the market is developing, especially considering that it is still in its early stages and is definitely just getting started in 2024.

Once again, we want to thank the Digital Hub Initiative and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action for this incredible opportunity and for organizing the trip and accommodations so well. It was truly a privilege to be part of this journey and to showcase German Fintech innovation on a global stage.

About Web Summit

Web Summit was founded in Dublin in 2009 by Paddy Cosgrave. It started as a 150-person tech conference in October 2009. Since 2009, Web Summit has gathered together over a million business people from around the world. Its flagship event is Web Summit in Lisbon, which takes place every November. During the year, Web Summit now hosts events around the world, including Web Summit Rio in South America, Web Summit Qatar in the Middle East, Collision in North America, and RISE in Asia. Web Summit’s mission has been to create software that enables meaningful connections between the CEOs, founders, investors, media, politicians and cultural figureheads who are reshaping the world.  

About StegX:

StegX is a One-Stop-Shop ecosystem for institutional real estate investments that changes the traditional financial system by leveraging the innovative capabilities of blockchain technologies to connect professional real estate managers with institutional investors on a global scale. StegX is not only a first mover for institutional marketplace solutions that enable the investing and the trading of traditional and tokenized real estate investment structures, but StegX is also a platform that connects all stakeholders throughout the real estate investment life-cycle with the service and financial intermediaries they need to perform their services. At StegX we have a purpose-led strategy: Building the bridge to the digital future of real estate investing, while fostering innovation and technology. We combine scale and geographical reach with the expertise of a global network of specialized partners to build an ecosystem that not only adds value to the business of our partners and clients but also creates a community that builds the future of real estate investing together.