StegX Selected for FinAccelerate 2023 Cohort Powered by Jones Day

StegX, the One-Stop-Shop ecosystem for institutional real estate investments, has been chosen in a global competition to participate in the 2023 FinAccelerate program, hosted by Jones Day, a law firm with a 130-year history and a global presence.

We are pleased to announce that StegX, the One-Stop-Shop ecosystem for institutional real estate investments, was selected to participate in the 2023 FinAccelerate program, hosted by Jones Day—a well-established law firm with a 130-year history and a global presence. Our success in securing a position in this highly competitive global selection process, drawing fintech applicants worldwide, is a testament to the expertise of our team members and the innovative technology currently under development.

FinAccelerate is a rigorous accelerator initiative that grants access to investors, corporations, financial institutions, and potential joint venture partners. This opportunity accelerates our growth trajectory through knowledge-sharing sessions on pivotal legal aspects for fintech companies, intimate Q&A sessions with legal experts and industry leaders, and a Demo Day showcasing innovations to institutions, venture capitalists, and investors.

The first on-site sessions took place in the second week of October, during which StegX actively engaged in a comprehensive program. This included an Interconnection Day fostering networking opportunities among influencers and cohort members. We had the exclusive opportunity to present our ideas to international venture capital firms, engaging in discussions that yielded exceptional feedback.

Additionally, our participation involved discussions with industry leaders such as Chris Larsen, Founder and Executive Chairman of Ripple, and presentations by tech giants like Google. We also took part in panel discussions with representatives from traditional market leaders such as BNP Paribas, Bank of America, and Moody's, as well as innovators from the digital realm, including Coinbase and Blockdaemon. These interactions provided valuable opportunities not only to present our business model but also to gather constructive feedback aimed at enhancing the scalability of our model.

The experiences and discussions held throughout the event were nothing short of amazing, fostering a collaborative atmosphere and enabling valuable exchanges of ideas that will undoubtedly help us further shape the future of real estate investing.

As we progress through this transformative journey, we invite you to stay informed about updates on StegX's progress. Connect with us on LinkedIn for real-time insights. Your ongoing support remains pivotal in propelling our commitment to innovation and excellence.

About StegX:

StegX is a One-Stop-Shop ecosystem for institutional real estate investments that changes the traditional financial system by leveraging the innovative capabilities of blockchain technologies to connect professional real estate managers with institutional investors on a global scale. StegX is not only a first mover for institutional marketplace solutions that enable the investing and the trading of traditional and tokenized real estate investment structures, but StegX is also a platform that connects all stakeholders throughout the real estate investment lifecycle with the service and financial intermediaries they need to perform their services. At StegX, we have a purpose-led strategy: Building the bridge to the digital future of real estate investing, while fostering innovation and technology. We combine scale and geographical reach with the expertise of a global network of specialized partners to build an ecosystem that not only adds value to the business of our partners and clients but also creates a community that builds the future of Real Estate Investing together.