StegX Reveals swissQuant Group as an Ecosystem Partner

We are excited to announce our partnership with swissQuant Group, a Zurich-based FinTech company that delivers intelligent Quant-based technologies to more than 200 leading and forward-thinking companies worldwide.

Given the growing significance of ESG factors in real estate, our one-stop-shop for institutional real estate investments will integrate swissQuant's advanced ESG solutions, comprising of transparent reporting, market and regulatory benchmarks, and investment risk and value control forecasts. swissQuant’s integration to the stegX platform will empower our users, including investors and asset managers, to effectively utilize and verify the ESG indicators associated with their real estate investments in a transparent and auditable manner.

The platform will provide plug-and-play tools through standardized interfaces to facilitate the digitization of every aspect of real estate investments throughout the investment life-cycle. Together with swissQuant, we are bringing market participants of all sizes closer to our vision of the future of real estate investing by offering access to top-notch services in a scalable and global way.

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About StegX:

StegX is a One-Stop-Shop ecosystem for institutional real estate investments that changes the traditional financial system by leveraging the innovative capabilities of blockchain technologies to connect professional real estate managers with institutional investors on a global scale. StegX is not only a first mover for institutional marketplace solutions that enable the investing and the trading of traditional and tokenized real estate investment structures, but StegX is also a platform that connects all stakeholders throughout the real estate investment lifecycle with the service and financial intermediaries they need to perform their services. At StegX, we have a purpose-led strategy: Building the bridge to the digital future of real estate investing, while fostering innovation and technology. We combine scale and geographical reach with the expertise of a global network of specialized partners to build an ecosystem that not only adds value to the business of our partners and clients but also creates a community that builds the future of Real Estate Investing together.